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Financial Services

Secure, seamless finance automation

Collect financial information online, populate documents with data, and capture eSignatures—all on a single, secure platform.

Put processes on autopilot

Eliminate the mess of paper and spreadsheets with digital financial workflows that keep your team organized and productive.
Streamline data collection
Collect data from clients, vendors, and coworkers with beautifully designed forms that can be built in minutes.
Automate document creation
Instantly populate the information you collect into custom agreements, contracts, reports, and other documents.
Capture electronic signatures
Let clients and other stakeholders review and sign financial documents on their mobile phone, tablet, or computer.
Optimize critical workflows
Use forms-driven workflows to collaborate on submissions and approvals without faxing or emails.
Manage payments digitally
Safely collect payments online, generate and deliver custom invoices, share finance updates with clients, and more.
Protect sensitive information
Maintain peace of mind with multiple security measures, including SSL, encryption, and compliance.
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Formstack is a great application. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and has fit all of our needs. I haven’t found a problem I couldn’t solve using it.
Lori Welch
Software and Systems Specialist at Holy Cross Energy

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