Employee 90-Day Review Form Template

Provide managers a review process that quickly assesses and gauges the performance of new hires.

Simplify your workflows

Adding a new member to your team is exciting, but also a little stressful. You want to make sure you fill your opening with the right candidate—one who is respectful, delivers on deadlines, and conducts themselves in a professional manner. To ensure success for your new employee and your department overall, use this employee 90-day review template to submit employee assessments after their first 90 days. Equipped with Formstack's powerful tools, this 90-day evaluation form will help you streamline and simplify the evaluation process for managers and your HR team.

Automate HR processes
HR doesn’t need any more paperwork or never-ending approval processes. Design a digital workflow for 90-day employee reviews and assign team members to complete specific steps so everyone understands their role. Plus, digitize approvals for more convenient routing and faster completion of the entire process.
Easily provide feedback
Sometimes, there isn’t just one manager responsible for a new employee. Use the Workflows feature to let multiple stakeholders (like trainers, HR personnel, and other leaders) in on the 90-day employee review milestone so they can provide feedback, edits, comments, and more. Select the right reviewers, define your workflow, and automate communication for faster, more efficient reviews.

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